Petee® dog car seats

6 color variants, handmade, removable mattresses with a zipper. Everything fits exactly. 5 year warranty, double stitches and final inspection of each piece.

Petee® eco-friendly toys

Czech handmade production, quality natural materials, beech wood from the Beskydy 🌲. High-quality, beautiful and Czech, produced locally and sustainably.

Soda Pup lick pads

We sell SodaPup lick mats and toys in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. SodaPup toys are popular almost all over the world thanks to their high durability and quality workmanship. These products from the USA are extremely durable.

A dog bed is not only an important background for your dog. It should also be functional, well-crafted and well-designed. Nowadays, it is difficult to choose from a large selection of beds. That is why we want to be different. We go our own way, where we emphasize quality materials and sophisticated design of all beds for dogs. We design all products ourselves. We choose fabrics, their color combinations, fillings. All the materials we use are not harmful to health, certified and come from the EU.

Petee beds are not the result of a fast production line. Each crib is made just for you, to order. We check each piece, the seams are firm, sewn several times. We use only certified fabrics originating from the EU for the production of beds. At the same time, we fill the beds with 100% hypoallergenic hollow fiber. We do not use any cuttings or scraps. The bottom of the dog beds is standardly made of the same quality fabric as the dog bed. So no geotextiles. We are still working on design and processing. There is still room for improvement. That is why we are not afraid to provide a 5-year warranty, which is standard on Petee dog beds.

We believe that the dog beds of the Czech brand Petee will appeal to you and you will become its owner, as well as thousands of other customers.