Czech handmade 🤲 and we can proudly say that we are a manufacturer. We check each piece, the seams are firm, sewn several times. We use only certified fabrics originating from the EU for the production of beds. At the same time, we fill the beds with 100% hypoallergenic hollow fiber. We do not use any cuttings or scraps. The bottom of the crib is standardly made of the same quality fabric as the crib. So no geotextiles. We are still working on design and processing. There is still room for improvement. That is why we are not afraid to provide a 5-year warranty, which is standard on Petee beds.

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Round bed for dogs DONUT greyRound bed for dogs DONUT grey

Round bed for dogs DONUT grey

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The round bed with a raised edge is extra comfortable. It is handmade in the Czech Republic from fabric with extra long hair, which is very…